BlogHere at One Earth Company, we want our customers to submit pictures with a brief explanation of how and where they are using our products. Our goal is to help keep the one earth we share clean and green. In order to help us achieve this goal, we want to display all of the different locations that our products are being used to help out our future customers.

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  1. I purchased One Earths Stock white containers and multifunction lids. I use them for all the events I have throughout the year, one with over 200,000 people. It is a simple set up and clean up process for my team!

  2. One Earth is truly a life saver! The cardboard trashcans we ordered for our annual county fair the year before we found One Earth were completely destroyed by the rain that weekend and trash was everywhere! The following year we were fortunate to find One Earth’s Special Event Containers and their special recyclable coating that is truly rain proof. Yet again we had rain but this time we didn’t have the headache of cleaning up a mess thanks to One Earth!

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